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The last few days have been… interesting.

From Tuesday at 12 midday, till Thursday at 12 – my class were locked up in our own classroom. 48 hours with next to no contact with the world around us. No visitors, no cellphones, no internet. So basically we did a local BigBrother “lite”. It was fun while it lasted, however it’s good to be out. Our teacher gave us tasks to complete all the way, from creating tiny handouts for the other student as regards what happened in the house, to making small video-updates from the house. We even did our own fashion show with clothes we made out of old newspapers and plastic bags. While I didn’t “win”, I had a great time. It looks as if the other students had a great time following us too, which is kinda… scary? I do start to feel how the people in BigBrother feel though. It really IS boring to stay in one place for a longer period of time, even though we get all we “need”: food and something to keep us busy. At one point, when we completed a task, but not in time, our teacher gave us the possibly worst movies he could find at the library: “Weather Hazards”, “Safer Skiing” and something about dope. The probably coolest part though is how everyone now think of us as the most perverse class in school. It’s true, it’s hard not to get kinky in there… so I understand more now how most reality shows end in scandal. I really got to know each and every person even better though, so it was a very good project for spending three school days 🙂

Stay tuned for pictures and movies at a later point!


It’s all about integration these days. Apple with their iLife suite and the iPod/iTunes combo. Plus, whether you buy a camera from Canon or Epson, both will have printers available that will hook up to your camera without going through a computer.

Sony being one of the large companies in the game, and the first, I believe, to offer camcorders with Bluetooth support, maybe ought to take advantage of the situation? Why is there yet a digital camera from Sony that can hook up to your SonyEricsson cellphone? Being able to send high-rez photos in email from anywhere in the world is a great idea if you ask me!

I think Bluetooth will really take off when the new, high-speed standard make it’s way into consumer devices…

Back to packing my stuff – school awaits in a few hours.


What’s better – posting several thoughts in one entry, or posting one entry for each topic? Have I asked this question before? I think so…

So anyway my PowerBook died last Wednesday, and I’ll need my Panther CDs to restore it, however they are located in my drawer at school… I knew I should’ve brought them…

I also had a look at my spam folders yesterday. My mailserver which I set up around Christmas runs SpamAssassin, which moves everything it believes to be spam to a spam folder. on my end, in turn, filters the remainings into the Junk folder. I left SpamAssassin with the default settings, so it won’t filter too aggressively. That’s good, because of the 483 messages it filtered out since Christmas, none were false positives. on the other hand just recently moved a domain transfer request mail from NetSol to my Junk folder. So while SpamAssassin maybe only catches like 50% of my spam, at least it’s secure.

I promised photo updates before I left, and I added a couple images to Snap Club. I might add more, but all my images are on the PowerBook, and I don’t feel like transferring them all right now. My Photoblog will likely not be updated in the near future. I’m sick and tired of it. The looks, the features, the images. I will find a better solution (probably powered by iPhoto) soon, and replace it altogether. The trend I’m hoping to follow is this: random images go to Snap Club, “themes” or “collections” of images go to the Photoblog. My trip to Iceland in a few weeks for instance, is bound to get a massive section in the Photoblog. 🙂




I *will* update photoblog/snapclub before I leave this weekend, just show some patience 🙂

eurofoto_iphotoThanks to Eivind for letting me know my online photo development service now offered a plug-in for iPhoto for uploading photos. How cool is that? iPhoto’s built-in Kodak service will soon be available here, and I might switch, but for now this does it. Previously I would have to use some mediocre java-based uploader, but now I do it all from within iPhoto! Once I get that prefect image, I’ll order a A4-size enlargement 🙂




iLife’04 arrived this Monday. I’ve played with it for the last few days, and I must say I’m impressed.

GarageBand is awesome. Looks good, performance is good (unlike every other v1 iApp), sounds and loops are of top notch quality and it’s easy to use. I’m cooking together something, but I want even the first piece to be good, so don’t expect a release just yet.
iPhoto is the best upgrade I have seen. Although this is the performance we should’ve expected from the beginning, it wasn’t – but now it’s there – and wow it sure feels good. Once the Kodak print service hits Europe I might give that a try too. However, if I can get prints elsewhere for less money, I’ll probably keep doing that. Services that offer FTP transfer will probably be both faster and more stable than iPhoto.
iMovie and iDVD are both minor updates. Not a lot of noticeable improvements in iMovie, however it is a bit faster. iDVDs new themes looks good, but nothing extraordinary.

In preparation for my trip to Iceland in March I figured there are two things I need: extra battery for my IXUS camera, and a extra CF-card. Batteries are rather expensive, however I found that non-Canon made batteries are about half the price. I think I’ll go for one of those, hoping it doesn’t explode or anything. As for memory cards… I would really like a 512 MB one, but they’re quite expensive, so I might go for a 256 MB instead. I wonder if they use the standard 220 volt outages on Iceland…


Breaking Money


Dunno how this happened really. When I came home from work last week, my VISA was “broken”. Luckily the scar is above the magnetic stripe, so I can still pay with it. I don’t know if I dare to use it in a mini bank though – it might not come back, like, it might get stuck or something. Oh well, I suppose I’ll just get my new card (from the new bank I just switched to) a bit earlier then.

Nothing much else happening here. I’m still working on the website, tweaking a few bits here and there. I hope to have all sub pages (photo, video, music, about) ready in a couple weeks time, and then I’ll just have to update a few of the MT templates to the new look (comments, trackback, search, main archive).

I hope to have more news in other areas too – sooner rather than later 🙂



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