The last few days have been… interesting. From Tuesday at 12 midday, till Thursday at 12 – my class were locked up in our own classroom. 48 hours with next to no contact with the world around us. No visitors, no cellphones, no internet. So basically we did a local BigBrother “lite”. It was fun … Read moreBigBrotha’


I *will* update photoblog/snapclub before I leave this weekend, just show some patience 🙂 Thanks to Eivind for letting me know my online photo development service now offered a plug-in for iPhoto for uploading photos. How cool is that? iPhoto’s built-in Kodak service will soon be available here, and I might switch, but for now … Read morePhotography


iLife’04 arrived this Monday. I’ve played with it for the last few days, and I must say I’m impressed. GarageBand is awesome. Looks good, performance is good (unlike every other v1 iApp), sounds and loops are of top notch quality and it’s easy to use. I’m cooking together something, but I want even the first … Read morei-i-ilife

Breaking Money

Dunno how this happened really. When I came home from work last week, my VISA was “broken”. Luckily the scar is above the magnetic stripe, so I can still pay with it. I don’t know if I dare to use it in a mini bank though – it might not come back, like, it might … Read moreBreaking Money