Breaking Money


Dunno how this happened really. When I came home from work last week, my VISA was “broken”. Luckily the scar is above the magnetic stripe, so I can still pay with it. I don’t know if I dare to use it in a mini bank though – it might not come back, like, it might get stuck or something. Oh well, I suppose I’ll just get my new card (from the new bank I just switched to) a bit earlier then.

Nothing much else happening here. I’m still working on the website, tweaking a few bits here and there. I hope to have all sub pages (photo, video, music, about) ready in a couple weeks time, and then I’ll just have to update a few of the MT templates to the new look (comments, trackback, search, main archive).

I hope to have more news in other areas too – sooner rather than later 🙂



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