iLife’04 arrived this Monday. I’ve played with it for the last few days, and I must say I’m impressed.

GarageBand is awesome. Looks good, performance is good (unlike every other v1 iApp), sounds and loops are of top notch quality and it’s easy to use. I’m cooking together something, but I want even the first piece to be good, so don’t expect a release just yet.
iPhoto is the best upgrade I have seen. Although this is the performance we should’ve expected from the beginning, it wasn’t – but now it’s there – and wow it sure feels good. Once the Kodak print service hits Europe I might give that a try too. However, if I can get prints elsewhere for less money, I’ll probably keep doing that. Services that offer FTP transfer will probably be both faster and more stable than iPhoto.
iMovie and iDVD are both minor updates. Not a lot of noticeable improvements in iMovie, however it is a bit faster. iDVDs new themes looks good, but nothing extraordinary.

In preparation for my trip to Iceland in March I figured there are two things I need: extra battery for my IXUS camera, and a extra CF-card. Batteries are rather expensive, however I found that non-Canon made batteries are about half the price. I think I’ll go for one of those, hoping it doesn’t explode or anything. As for memory cards… I would really like a 512 MB one, but they’re quite expensive, so I might go for a 256 MB instead. I wonder if they use the standard 220 volt outages on Iceland…


2 Responses to “i-i-ilife”  

  1. 1 Eivind

    256mb equals about 100 pics in best quality?
    I suppose 100 pictures (well 100 + the card you have now) can be enough for such a trip.. but then again, it’s terrible to have to delete good pics because you want to take more..

    It all depends on how many pics you’re likely to take, and if you’re willing to let quality suffer, I guess 🙂

  2. 2 xGrape

    Well, I managed to almost fill it up during an hour of birthday celebration yesterday. And now you want it to last for one and a half week?? 😀


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