What’s better – posting several thoughts in one entry, or posting one entry for each topic? Have I asked this question before? I think so…

So anyway my PowerBook died last Wednesday, and I’ll need my Panther CDs to restore it, however they are located in my drawer at school… I knew I should’ve brought them…

I also had a look at my spam folders yesterday. My mailserver which I set up around Christmas runs SpamAssassin, which moves everything it believes to be spam to a spam folder. Mail.app on my end, in turn, filters the remainings into the Junk folder. I left SpamAssassin with the default settings, so it won’t filter too aggressively. That’s good, because of the 483 messages it filtered out since Christmas, none were false positives. Mail.app on the other hand just recently moved a domain transfer request mail from NetSol to my Junk folder. So while SpamAssassin maybe only catches like 50% of my spam, at least it’s secure.

I promised photo updates before I left, and I added a couple images to Snap Club. I might add more, but all my images are on the PowerBook, and I don’t feel like transferring them all right now. My Photoblog will likely not be updated in the near future. I’m sick and tired of it. The looks, the features, the images. I will find a better solution (probably powered by iPhoto) soon, and replace it altogether. The trend I’m hoping to follow is this: random images go to Snap Club, “themes” or “collections” of images go to the Photoblog. My trip to Iceland in a few weeks for instance, is bound to get a massive section in the Photoblog. 🙂


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  1. 1 Eivind

    I’d say post big thoughts in single entries but as many small thoughts as you feel like in an entry 🙂

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