The last few days have been… interesting.

From Tuesday at 12 midday, till Thursday at 12 – my class were locked up in our own classroom. 48 hours with next to no contact with the world around us. No visitors, no cellphones, no internet. So basically we did a local BigBrother “lite”. It was fun while it lasted, however it’s good to be out. Our teacher gave us tasks to complete all the way, from creating tiny handouts for the other student as regards what happened in the house, to making small video-updates from the house. We even did our own fashion show with clothes we made out of old newspapers and plastic bags. While I didn’t “win”, I had a great time. It looks as if the other students had a great time following us too, which is kinda… scary? I do start to feel how the people in BigBrother feel though. It really IS boring to stay in one place for a longer period of time, even though we get all we “need”: food and something to keep us busy. At one point, when we completed a task, but not in time, our teacher gave us the possibly worst movies he could find at the library: “Weather Hazards”, “Safer Skiing” and something about dope. The probably coolest part though is how everyone now think of us as the most perverse class in school. It’s true, it’s hard not to get kinky in there… so I understand more now how most reality shows end in scandal. I really got to know each and every person even better though, so it was a very good project for spending three school days πŸ™‚

Stay tuned for pictures and movies at a later point!

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