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Back from Iceland. First thought when I got there: wow its hot in here! First thought when I got back home: wow its hot in here (so take off all your clothes). I’m currently experiencing summer temperatures here, and it seems the time for t-shirts has come again. Gotta love it.

A more lengthy post will see the light at a later point, hopefully the coming weekend. Along with the new photoblog/album. Have a few hundred new pictures to share with y’all. I also got a tiny bit of video footage, but I still haven’t found the time to look through it. It might be all crap, but hopefully I can mix together a little summary.

Don’t have too many plans for the easter really. Hopefully post some blog topics, and add that gallery. No plans for new website features though, and no active projects as regards LaftY Software. Might work on some of my upcoming web projects though. We’ll see. At least I’ll meet with friends!

Life feels rather good right now. Is it the weather? Is it the people? Is it a secret? I dunno…


Dead Pixels


Tomorrow we leave for Iceland. I am really starting to look forward to it now. I think it’ll be different from here. At least that’s what I hope. My camera and camcorder are both charged and ready. Images and maybe video will be posted during easter holidays, which is still when I hope to have the new photoblog/gallery ready. Speaking of photos, I think I’ll also develop some of the pictures on paper and make a lil paperbound book with memories from the trip.

The iPhoto Kodak print service is now finally available to European customers (as of a week ago), and the price scheme is not too bad. Among the most expensive, but then there is not a huge difference between the cheapest and the most expensive. The integration and 1-Click purchasing is worth the extra money. However, one disturbing factor is that the prices given are exclusive of VAT. And when the VAT is calculated, it’s added for the S&H too – since when was this common? S&H is about the same price as other suppliers, and the prices for a 10×15 is about the same too. Enlargements though, are rather cheap, when compared to others. Which makes me think about getting a 20x30cm (A4) size enlargement of a few great pictures…

Yesterday I had an accident with my camera though. I stuck it up in someone’s face, but the girl reacted different from what I had expected, and all of a sudden my camera was in mid-air with the lens out – and waiting below was a shiny stone floor. I were in luck though – all that broke was the lil thingie on the memory card slot that keeps the slot from staying open. I could fix it with a bit of tape – however, for now I choose to simply hold it in place with my hand when shooting. I’ll see if I can make a new pin by means of glue when I get home for easter.

More when I return!


The New Me


It was about time I posted a pict of my new hair color. Yesterday I had it cut, too, but the color is still the same.

It’s roughly one week till we’re leaving for Iceland, and after having debated myself for some time as to whether or not to bring the PowerBook, I have come to the conclusion it’s best to leave it at home. My two memory cards (128 + 256) should do for the week, at least if I change the image quality for the picture I take (ie. good quality for things I intend to order printed enlargements of, and lower for images I only intend to post on the net).

Things are happening over at my school project site, I have recently added a list with contact information for students. Unfortunately, this is password protected, so you won’t be able to get a look. I’d just like to thank Eivind though, for coding the system behind it (and other aspects of too), and for putting up with my constant requests to fix bugs 🙂

Not a whole lot new. Easter is 3 weeks away, and while I hope to get plenty of time for relaxing and seeing friends, there are a few things I plan on fixing: release the new photo section of this site, complete with images from Iceland, and second: signing up for a new host and moving all websites.



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