The New Me


It was about time I posted a pict of my new hair color. Yesterday I had it cut, too, but the color is still the same.

It’s roughly one week till we’re leaving for Iceland, and after having debated myself for some time as to whether or not to bring the PowerBook, I have come to the conclusion it’s best to leave it at home. My two memory cards (128 + 256) should do for the week, at least if I change the image quality for the picture I take (ie. good quality for things I intend to order printed enlargements of, and lower for images I only intend to post on the net).

Things are happening over at my school project site, I have recently added a list with contact information for students. Unfortunately, this is password protected, so you won’t be able to get a look. I’d just like to thank Eivind though, for coding the system behind it (and other aspects of too), and for putting up with my constant requests to fix bugs 🙂

Not a whole lot new. Easter is 3 weeks away, and while I hope to get plenty of time for relaxing and seeing friends, there are a few things I plan on fixing: release the new photo section of this site, complete with images from Iceland, and second: signing up for a new host and moving all websites.



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