Dead Pixels


Tomorrow we leave for Iceland. I am really starting to look forward to it now. I think it’ll be different from here. At least that’s what I hope. My camera and camcorder are both charged and ready. Images and maybe video will be posted during easter holidays, which is still when I hope to have the new photoblog/gallery ready. Speaking of photos, I think I’ll also develop some of the pictures on paper and make a lil paperbound book with memories from the trip.

The iPhoto Kodak print service is now finally available to European customers (as of a week ago), and the price scheme is not too bad. Among the most expensive, but then there is not a huge difference between the cheapest and the most expensive. The integration and 1-Click purchasing is worth the extra money. However, one disturbing factor is that the prices given are exclusive of VAT. And when the VAT is calculated, it’s added for the S&H too – since when was this common? S&H is about the same price as other suppliers, and the prices for a 10×15 is about the same too. Enlargements though, are rather cheap, when compared to others. Which makes me think about getting a 20x30cm (A4) size enlargement of a few great pictures…

Yesterday I had an accident with my camera though. I stuck it up in someone’s face, but the girl reacted different from what I had expected, and all of a sudden my camera was in mid-air with the lens out – and waiting below was a shiny stone floor. I were in luck though – all that broke was the lil thingie on the memory card slot that keeps the slot from staying open. I could fix it with a bit of tape – however, for now I choose to simply hold it in place with my hand when shooting. I’ll see if I can make a new pin by means of glue when I get home for easter.

More when I return!


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  1. 1 Eivind

    Looking forward to seeing pictures 🙂

    And good thing you didn’t break the cam 2 days before the trip 🙂


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