Back from Iceland. First thought when I got there: wow its hot in here! First thought when I got back home: wow its hot in here (so take off all your clothes). I’m currently experiencing summer temperatures here, and it seems the time for t-shirts has come again. Gotta love it.

A more lengthy post will see the light at a later point, hopefully the coming weekend. Along with the new photoblog/album. Have a few hundred new pictures to share with y’all. I also got a tiny bit of video footage, but I still haven’t found the time to look through it. It might be all crap, but hopefully I can mix together a little summary.

Don’t have too many plans for the easter really. Hopefully post some blog topics, and add that gallery. No plans for new website features though, and no active projects as regards LaftY Software. Might work on some of my upcoming web projects though. We’ll see. At least I’ll meet with friends!

Life feels rather good right now. Is it the weather? Is it the people? Is it a secret? I dunno…



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