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Import Taxes


A few days ago my order for Futurama Season 1 DVD arrived from

I chose to only order one disk, because it cost a nickel or so over the 200 NOK sum which you can import without paying taxes. I hoped it would slip through, but oh no it didn’t. So I payed some 202 NOK for the disk to – and then 119 NOK was added in import tax (fixed fee + 24% of total sum). So I ended up paying over 320 NOK for something that really would’ve been 200 NOK with a little luck (or a slightly lower price). Hate it when that happens.

A friend told me though that there were hope, and that the “max free import” limit might be removed, or raised to 1000 NOK – since it was last changed back in -75.

Nevertheless, I have now both season 2, 3 and 4 on its way from England. All will be sent to my home address though, so I’ll have to wait a couple weeks (when my school year is over) to pick them up.




Bendik begged me to post some sexy pictures. I think he has a fetish for “cd-r-cakebox-labels”.








powerguard Got myself this handy lil device today. Great for the daily walk or trip to the store. Just pull the pin, and off goes the alarm. There are many scary men in the area around my school, so now I can finally feel safe. Me and my friend got a whole lot of great ideas for “hidden camera” episodes where we could use it, too. I doubt we’ll ever make them though.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for school again. Only 4 weeks left. Expect sparse blog updates (as usual). As my sister said: now in the final weeks, make sure you don’t leave, thinking “why didn’t I say that” or “why didn’t I do that”. So true. Wish me luck.


Jon Gales posts some interesting concerns regarding SpyMac. I have had those same thoughts. My main question has always been: who on earth is funding this? It must cost a fortune, yet they seem to generate no income whatsoever. We’ll see…


The Settlers


Welcome to the new!

Well, not really new, but new host anyway. You might have noticed some ups and downs on my various sites lately. Well, rest assured, all is now taken care of. I switched host from GetMeHosted to ReadySetConnect. Another cheap host you say? Yup. So far, all good, although I have to live with longer response time for support inquires. 1250 MB space and 40 GB bandwidth for under $10/month isn’t shabby though!

We’ll see how it goes. Please let me know if you find any dead links 🙂 Thanks.


Wazzup Doc?


It seems that after years of absence, Dr. Pepper has once returned to Norway. Like anyone cares though – tastes like a McDonalds menu where the burger is fried in the coke.


Haha, April Fools!

Ok, enough crap. Yesterday was one fine night. During dinner, we were told that a a movie would be shown on a big screen, outdoors, at midnight. At first, many thought it was a April Fools joke, but it turned out not to be. Finding Nemo was shown on a side wall of the main building. Huge screen, great sound, just awesome. We laid there in our sleeping bags, atop reindeer furs. It was cold outside, but inside the bag it was all hot and cozy 🙂 Bedtime: 3 o clock. A bit late, since I’m still experiencing jet lag from the Iceland trip. Oh well, I can sleep long during the holidays – cept for the days my boss has ordered me to work. Guess that just means more money in my pocket though – which is a good thing…



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