Haha, April Fools!

Ok, enough crap. Yesterday was one fine night. During dinner, we were told that a a movie would be shown on a big screen, outdoors, at midnight. At first, many thought it was a April Fools joke, but it turned out not to be. Finding Nemo was shown on a side wall of the main building. Huge screen, great sound, just awesome. We laid there in our sleeping bags, atop reindeer furs. It was cold outside, but inside the bag it was all hot and cozy 🙂 Bedtime: 3 o clock. A bit late, since I’m still experiencing jet lag from the Iceland trip. Oh well, I can sleep long during the holidays – cept for the days my boss has ordered me to work. Guess that just means more money in my pocket though – which is a good thing…



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