Import Taxes


A few days ago my order for Futurama Season 1 DVD arrived from

I chose to only order one disk, because it cost a nickel or so over the 200 NOK sum which you can import without paying taxes. I hoped it would slip through, but oh no it didn’t. So I payed some 202 NOK for the disk to – and then 119 NOK was added in import tax (fixed fee + 24% of total sum). So I ended up paying over 320 NOK for something that really would’ve been 200 NOK with a little luck (or a slightly lower price). Hate it when that happens.

A friend told me though that there were hope, and that the “max free import” limit might be removed, or raised to 1000 NOK – since it was last changed back in -75.

Nevertheless, I have now both season 2, 3 and 4 on its way from England. All will be sent to my home address though, so I’ll have to wait a couple weeks (when my school year is over) to pick them up.



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