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Mac Geniuses 2


In lack of a better name, another sample from my still upcoming comic: Mac Geniuses. Enjoy.



I meant to post this before I left in the morning, but of course I forgot it. So I’m just posting it now, slightly edited 🙂

I’m now in Sweden, where I’ll stay till next Friday. I’m visiting my sister and brother in law. Think it’ll be great, great to get away a little, and experience something else but this room 🙂 Of course I hope to find a good Mac dealer in Stockholm, and hopefully also a McDonalds or something with a wifi zone, hehe. Right now I’m on 56k dialup. So anyway, I’ll see you again in a weeks time – don’t expect many photos though, as my IXUS is still in for repair.

Oh, and today is my birthday. I turn 20. Wee. No really. So, feel free to send a few words my way if you feel like. Address on the About-page. Have a great time!


Mac Geniuses


From my upcoming comic: Mac Geniuses



Something new


suit Why? I were in my cousins confirmation today. Why the picture? The last time you saw me in a suit (not likely you saw me, but you get my point) was 5 years ago (unless you count the time when I starred as Ross from Friends on our “celeb-party”), I believe. Thats why. Oh, and the fact its my website, so my rules. 🙂


Now I don’t usually spend much time thinking about bar codes, however I feel now is the time for a new version. Todays bar codes only contain information about which product it belongs to, and a computer in turn knows the price for that product. What if the bar code was extended to also contain the “best before date”? The counter at the store would bleep if for instance the can of milk was off. Magnetic “bar code chips” start appearing at select places, but I suppose they cost a nick more to produce. So far I’ve only seem them in electronic stores and on CDs/DVDs/games. Probably the future though…


dvdmanager Today I tried out a pretty cool piece of software: DVDManager. It’s a database for keeping track of your DVD collection. You can add titles by searching in the Amazon and IMDb catalogs, which will fetch title, year and cover artwork. Cool, eh? I had a few Scandinavian titles not found in these catalogs though (at least not the artwork for them), so I had to scan a few covers myself. If you’re not the organized, tidy guy like me though, you might want to skip that step 🙂 You can also set the status of the disks, like borrowed or lent. Neato. Best part?? It’s all free baby!

While surfing around for apps to utilize my wireless network, I came across this. Software that allows you to rent out your wireless internet connection! Now if there were any other people in this area but me, I might actually have a use for it.

Oh, and for that arcade player in you – you really, really should check out Pac Manhattan! [via Dan]




A while back we shot some photos at school using DIAS film. The kind of film you make slides from. However, instead of developing the slides, we developed on ordinary paper. The effect? Dark, high-contrast images. Here I present to you a few samples. If the images look bright or not-so-colorful, your screen is just not calibrated the same way as my iMac. They don’t look too cool on this PowerBook either 🙂





Freedom At Last


Almost a week after I installed AirPort at home, I figured I should test the range. My PowerBook is equipped with an Apple AirPort Extreme card, and the base station is a 3com 4-port router. I now keep all my music on the iMac, and streaming it through iTunes to the PowerBook was flawless all over the place. I could walk around on first and ground floor of the house, and I could even take it outside, wander about as much as I wanted in the garden. Swell. Summer here I come!


~ sweet ~


I’m home – and this time its final. School’s over. For this time.

If you take a look at the bottom of the sidebar you will notice I just installed Movable Type 3. So far so good. Haven’t really tried playing with the new features yet, but neither have I run into any problems. I also cleared out some 100 spam comments, and hopefully MT3 will help keep new ones away.

Other news:
– My IXUS camera broke some weeks ago, and I will send it for repair soon. Repairs however, will cost me half the price of a new camera.
– I just switched cellphone provider from NetCom to Chess. Haven’t got my new SIM-card yet, but it should be nice to lower my bills.
– Also considering getting a new phone, the T630 soon. My current T68i has issues: sometimes it doesn’t vibrate when I get a call, the joystick is worn and respond is terrible and the cover is falling apart. I also want a better screen, built-in camera, java and polyphonic ring tones 🙂



This what I did yesterday. Not exactly real bungee jumping, not even near it infact – but fun nevertheless. We built it out in the school yard, and it was heaps of fun. A rope forms a V between the two trees marked with green dots, and another rope pulls the V back, bringing you close to the red dot – when you’re there, you let go of the rope, and down you swing. It was just this incredible draw in the stomach, and that was something I sure didn’t expect from a “homemade” thingie. Now I’ve never been too keen on roller coasters and the like, but this sure gave a kick.

About one week left of school, and I’m really just trying to make the most out of it. Might hear more from me later, and then you might not. We’ll see.



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