~ sweet ~


I’m home – and this time its final. School’s over. For this time.

If you take a look at the bottom of the sidebar you will notice I just installed Movable Type 3. So far so good. Haven’t really tried playing with the new features yet, but neither have I run into any problems. I also cleared out some 100 spam comments, and hopefully MT3 will help keep new ones away.

Other news:
– My IXUS camera broke some weeks ago, and I will send it for repair soon. Repairs however, will cost me half the price of a new camera.
– I just switched cellphone provider from NetCom to Chess. Haven’t got my new SIM-card yet, but it should be nice to lower my bills.
– Also considering getting a new phone, the T630 soon. My current T68i has issues: sometimes it doesn’t vibrate when I get a call, the joystick is worn and respond is terrible and the cover is falling apart. I also want a better screen, built-in camera, java and polyphonic ring tones 🙂



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