dvdmanager Today I tried out a pretty cool piece of software: DVDManager. It’s a database for keeping track of your DVD collection. You can add titles by searching in the Amazon and IMDb catalogs, which will fetch title, year and cover artwork. Cool, eh? I had a few Scandinavian titles not found in these catalogs though (at least not the artwork for them), so I had to scan a few covers myself. If you’re not the organized, tidy guy like me though, you might want to skip that step 🙂 You can also set the status of the disks, like borrowed or lent. Neato. Best part?? It’s all free baby!

While surfing around for apps to utilize my wireless network, I came across this. Software that allows you to rent out your wireless internet connection! Now if there were any other people in this area but me, I might actually have a use for it.

Oh, and for that arcade player in you – you really, really should check out Pac Manhattan! [via Dan]



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