Now I don’t usually spend much time thinking about bar codes, however I feel now is the time for a new version. Todays bar codes only contain information about which product it belongs to, and a computer in turn knows the price for that product. What if the bar code was extended to also contain the “best before date”? The counter at the store would bleep if for instance the can of milk was off. Magnetic “bar code chips” start appearing at select places, but I suppose they cost a nick more to produce. So far I’ve only seem them in electronic stores and on CDs/DVDs/games. Probably the future though…


2 Responses to “Opinion: Bar Codes Rev 2”  

  1. 1 Aly

    It is true that these things need to be contemplated every so often. If they werent, well i wouldnt like to consider the consequences to be honest.

    Hellos and goodbyes from scotland 😀

  2. 2 Eivind

    Ooh, you have some good ideas there.. And yes, I suppose it’s the future, but who knows — perhaps it comes sooner than we think?


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