I meant to post this before I left in the morning, but of course I forgot it. So I’m just posting it now, slightly edited 🙂

I’m now in Sweden, where I’ll stay till next Friday. I’m visiting my sister and brother in law. Think it’ll be great, great to get away a little, and experience something else but this room 🙂 Of course I hope to find a good Mac dealer in Stockholm, and hopefully also a McDonalds or something with a wifi zone, hehe. Right now I’m on 56k dialup. So anyway, I’ll see you again in a weeks time – don’t expect many photos though, as my IXUS is still in for repair.

Oh, and today is my birthday. I turn 20. Wee. No really. So, feel free to send a few words my way if you feel like. Address on the About-page. Have a great time!



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