Digging It

In honor of Panic’s Unison bringing back 2 Apple Design Awards, I post some old photoshop-job I found when digging through old files on my Mac today. Transmit won a Design Award last year in case you wondered πŸ™‚

Three for webmasters

Today I bring you three cool sites for the webmaster’s bookmarks πŸ™‚ Netcraft – info on what OS/server a web server is running UptimeBot – stats for your site from various search engines (pages that link to you etc) Whois Source – great whois database, with lots of nifty information on your server (graphical location, … Read moreThree for webmasters

Plop #4

Last night it happened again: I became the proud uncle of a new born girl πŸ™‚ My 4. niece/nephew. Kinda cool. Also my first day at work today (for this season). It sucked. Big time.

Mac Geniuses 7

Ah, the last Mac Geniuses is here, for now. It’s the all-new, all-great G5s. With water-cooling. How cool is that? πŸ˜› Look out for a quick sum-up of comics and ideas that never quite made it: tomorrow πŸ™‚

Mac Geniuses 5

Keeping the tradition of yesterday, I reckon a little explanation is in place. The non-flipping screen is a take on Nokias statement that they would not make a clamshell phone (which they soon after did). The optical disk switch and “side-use”-mode is, of course, a take on the original N-Gage. Keep your eyes peeled, for … Read moreMac Geniuses 5