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Digging It


In honor of Panic’s Unison bringing back 2 Apple Design Awards, I post some old photoshop-job I found when digging through old files on my Mac today. Transmit won a Design Award last year in case you wondered 🙂



Today I bring you three cool sites for the webmaster’s bookmarks 🙂

Netcraft – info on what OS/server a web server is running
UptimeBot – stats for your site from various search engines (pages that link to you etc)
Whois Source – great whois database, with lots of nifty information on your server (graphical location, number of sites hosted etc)


Just as I anticipated, VersionTracker really would like to keep me as a Plus subscriber.

Quick update:
– 3 weeks remaining: I get a mail saying I need to renew for $25.
– 1 week remaining: new mail, now I can pay for 12 months and get 2 months extra for free (total of 14 months)
– 0 days remaining: new mail, my subscription will run out in 4 days, and I can renew for $20

Moral of the day: never renew until you have to. I, however, will let it run out and switch to MacUpdate. I think. VersionTracker does have a larger archive though, and many people seem to alert them first, or only alert them.


Not seeing me online? Wonder where I might be? My .Mac iCal has been updated with my work schedule for this summer. Go have a looksie by hitting the button in the sidebar.


Well, you have now witnessed all the comics I made per today. More might come at a later point, in which case I will post them as they are produced. I previously noted a dataloss, that affected the comics somehow. Two comics were deleted by accident, and I couldn’t recover them. One of them, joking about the new G5 water cooling system, was re-drawn, and published yesterday. The other I scrapped. I must admit my first G5-joke was slightly better drawn, which is a pity, but done is done.

So, what have you missed? Which comics didn’t make it?

– “M: All Things Microsoft”
A take on the D: All Things Digital conference, where Steve boldly stated that iTunes/iPod would not see WMA-support until the format got a 50% market share (something we all know isn’t gonna happen). The comic presented Steve Ballmer on-stage, and a guy among the audience asked when Explorer would support proper CSS. To which Ballmer replied “we have no plans to support proper CSS until Safari gains a 50% market share”.

– “iPod luring switchers”
During an interview, Steve explained the iPod was no longer luring Windows users to the Mac. The comic took it one step further, where Steve admits now it’s the iTMS that lures the switchers. Which of course is not true either, since both iTunes/iTMS/iPod are completely cross platform.

– “AOL keyword: Mac Geniuses”
This one might be the lamest, or perhaps the most genius (pun intended) of all the comics that didn’t make it. It was simply a computer screen with something that should resemble a QuickTime player window, and where the text was “AOL keyword: Mac Geniuses” – an idea I got after watching a Harry Potter trailer. When is AOL ever going to realize that the WEB is here to stay? That URLs are actually not that bad. Geez.


Plop #4


Last night it happened again: I became the proud uncle of a new born girl 🙂 My 4. niece/nephew. Kinda cool.

Also my first day at work today (for this season). It sucked. Big time.


Mac Geniuses 7



Ah, the last Mac Geniuses is here, for now. It’s the all-new, all-great G5s. With water-cooling. How cool is that? 😛 Look out for a quick sum-up of comics and ideas that never quite made it: tomorrow 🙂


Church Signs



Simple, useless fun, from


Mac Geniuses 6



Needs no further explanation 🙂 Look out for the last comic in the batch tomorrow!


Mac Geniuses 5



Keeping the tradition of yesterday, I reckon a little explanation is in place. The non-flipping screen is a take on Nokias statement that they would not make a clamshell phone (which they soon after did). The optical disk switch and “side-use”-mode is, of course, a take on the original N-Gage. Keep your eyes peeled, for the next couple of days have yet more Mac Geniuses on offer 🙂



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