Me, a guy with computer trouble? It happens, but most often the problems can be easily cured. I have had both the modem and the logic board of my old CRT iMac replaced, but that’s about it. Yesterday I was afraid my PowerBook could be next.

After ejecting an audio CD, I could no longer insert any disks in the combo drive. I would push the disk as far as I could, but the drive just wouldn’t help it all the way in. So I spent some time on the Apple Discussion boards, and reading through this kbase article, but no help. Often when you experience a problem, chances are others have had the same problem, and chances are you will find help on the net. However, there are often nearly as many solutions as there are problems. For me, none of the solutions suggested in Apples kbase article did the trick, neither did any of the tips provided in the forum. I thought I might end up like others on the discussion boards, sending the PB in to Apple for a replacement drive.

What did I do to solve the problem then? Pulled out the battery and power cord, and let the computer cool down and empty itself of energy over the night. When I turned it on again this morning, the drive made a even more freaky noise during startup than what it had done last night – probably resetting the mechanism. And that, dear readers, did the trick.

Update: It’s broken again. We’ll see what happens…



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