Was downtown Stockholm today. What did I see? Well, lots of cool things I’d like to show you with my IXUS I tell you, however it’s not here yet. Though it has been repaired today (after a weeks wait for the parts), and should be back home sometime next week.

So, Stockholm. Even if the iPod mini is not available for sale in Europe yet, inLife had one available for me to squeeze and touch. Did I fall in love again or what? Oh my yes! It was even smaller than I had expected, especially in terms of thickness. I want one so badly. Oh well, in a month or two I guess I might have it.

Oh, and I grabbed my first-ever bottle of Jolt. Powerful? Nah. Coke? Yes. Good? Umm, yes… its coke, nothing more nothing less. Promise some more pictures when the camera returns, and stay tuned for my surprise!



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