Blog Update


MovableType 3 ditched the pop-up comments over individual-entry comment listings. So I finally got about to update my templates. First, I removed the trackback listing, no one use it anyhow. And commenting is now done on the individual entry pages, accessible from the “Permalink / Comments” link below. Once there you will notice the whole comment layout has changed, I’m satisfied. Also, ALL visitors are now REQUIRED to register for a free TypeKey account. It will only take seconds, and you won’t get spam or other crap. I know it’s crap to require this, but once MT3 goes official, you can bet more and more blogs will do the same – so in the end, you will have to get a FREE TypeKey account sooner or later anyhow. But why? By requiring this, I can be 99.9% sure not to get any more comment spam. Huzzah! While adding this requirement today, I also completely cleaned out all existing comments by hand – clearing any spam or duplicates. Welcome to the improved 🙂


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  1. 1 Eivind Lie Nitter

    I had to admit I had planned on _not_ getting a Typekey account.. just because I didn’t want one… but as you see, I signed up anyway. I suppose getting rid of comment spam is worth it for most people..

    Oh, and previewing the message didn’t exactly work as it should (no text in textarea). The commenting section looks nice though 🙂


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