Boom Boom


Now it needs to be said that JVC is not a brand I’ve used a lot, and it seems to not be an awfully huge brand in general. I see very few camcorders, stereos or other equipment from them in use. But I’ve listened to one of their stereos, not a state-of-the-art unit, by any means, but it sounded total crap.

I still wish to praise their Boomblaster series of portable stereos though. I wouldn’t mind even calling it the “iPod of stereos”.

With the Boomblasters, JVC have created a portable unit, with VERY good sound, VERY cool design, and a VERY good price. The design is not only cool, it’s also functional. The Boomblasters are not meant to be stationed on the shelf, you can bring it anywhere you go, and it can handle a crash. It’s also packed with cool (or cool for some) features, like built-in guitar-input, lit-up speaker cones that flash to the music, and simple EQs. Oh, and they come with a shoulder strap.

I don’t know what it is with these Boomblasters, but they keep blowing me away every time I see one. Possibly because it sounds like a 10 times bigger (and more expensive) stereo, possibly because it looks so good, or is small and portable. “But, you know, whatever it is, geeez you’re just so gonna want one…”



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