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Super Size Me?


ipodmini_k700Got the mini yesterday. What can I say? It’s my first iPod, and it’s great 🙂

I have 670 songs on it currently, plenty for my use. It’s small and sexy, it’s easy to use and the sound is great. Right now it’s enclosed in the iSkin. It protects the body and screen, and is overall cool. Too bad I can’t use the dock when it’s in the skin though. Oh well, guess you can’t have it all. My trip to work today was far more pleasant than usual 🙂


3k_junkmails…to empty your Junk folder when it reaches 3000 junk mails. All this in approximately 2 months. I know, I know, many of you are far worse off, but I still think it’s too much. Luckily, Mail’s junk filter is extremely efficient nowadays.


Exciting News


carwash_comparison Something familiar? A friend of mine today, and one year ago. Insane.


As some of you might know, I took a “vacation” this weekend. I visited a couple girls from my school, along with a third one. It was an awesome weekend. Great people, great place, great fun. I really just had a great time. Oh, and I also got to meet up with Tore, a guy whom I met over the internet a few years back, and now for the first time irl. Below are a few noteworthy pictures from the trip. Enjoy 🙂

This is Tore showing off at the bowling. We had a great time really 🙂 Also got to visit MacButikken, although no pictures from that. Too bad, they had a G5, some PowerBooks and quite a few iPod accessories on display.

Ah don’t mention it 😉

Here we’re eating at a Chinese restaurant. Or just about to leave. We ate first though, although we left quite quick too 😉

And after that, we hung out at the theater just waiting for the movie to start. What movie you say? “Super Size Me“. Recommended. For all of you. Go see it. Now.

And of course, if there is an IKEA nearby, you know I would be there. If you knew me anyway. I love IKEA 🙂 Even got myself this really nice, although shabby, milk frother. Only cost me about a buck. Now THAT’S what I call a bargain. Oh, and they even had an old Bondi iMac on display, borrowed from MacButikken 😀 Oh, yeah, the picture. This is the restaurant they have, two bucks will get you a children’s menu with hot dog and fries. Yep 🙂

In the evenings, we usually played games. Monopoly (and variations thereof), Rummikub, to mention a few. On second thought, I think those were what we played. And I couldn’t help but think: both of these would make great Mac games online. *cough*Freeverse*cough*

So this is some kinda statue in the city of Stavanger. They all used to be lined up at a beach in the area, or so I was told. Now however, they are scattered around the city. This one, just outside McDonalds, just begged me to hold around him. For some reason, people gave me a funny look when I stood there. I think they believed I was a Japanese tourist or something…

Last stop. Well, the beginning of the end. Here I stood, for a few minutes, waiting for my train to arrive, and bring me back home to safety. It did. It’s good to be home, sorta, although it’s one weekend I won’t forget for a looong, long time. That’s for sure.


dell_savings Dell Europe is running a special summer savings promo right now. However, they are kind enough to let you choose whether or not you want this discount. Neato. Screenshot from the UK Dell Store.




…is something I appreciate.

While most of us would agree that stealing is wrong, other violations of the law is more accepted.

While at work yesterday, I got into talks with another employee about cell phones. I told him I just switched from my T68i to the new K700 because, among other things, the T68i reacted poorly on both joystick movement and key presses as of late. It’s been used a lot, and well, it’s wear and tear 🙂

His T610, if it had suffered the same problem, he would’ve just thrown it on the ground and demanded a new one from the insurance company he told me. The problem is, this would’ve worked, probably. People like him makes insurance pricey, and that includes AppleCare. I hate those people, and there are lots of them.




What a fine thing, this AppleCare, right?

AppleCare is, perhaps not surprisingly, most expensive for the PowerBook line of computers. So I ditched it. After experiencing the service from Apple while still under warranty though, it’s almost tempting to get AppleCare.

AppleCare for the iPod would be a good thing I though, since the iPod would be brought around all the time, and the chances of something happening to it is quite big. And even though it’s the cheapest AppleCare, it still costs one third the price of the iPod mini over here. And about twice the amount it costs in the U.S. Suppose it might be because the repair center is located farther away and shipping costs might be higher as a result, just guessing though. Anyway, might still be worth it I though – but then I realized the iPod AppleCare, unlike the AppleCare for Macs, only extends warranty to 2 years – not 3. Shoot. Not worth it then, probably.




By a “vague hint” in the previous post, I referred to the fact I linked to a couple pages at Wikipedia. This post will concentrate on three things: what is wiki? what is Wikipedia? why should I contribute to Wikipedia?

Wiki is a system for collaborative text editing. Or any editing for that matter – I believe. There are dozens of wiki-systems, made in anything from C to VisualBasic to PHP to Pearl. Wiki is perhaps most commonly used on websites, since that is the most logical way for people to meet and edit together. A website made using wiki allows other users, or visitors, to edit the contents of that site. Now an encyclopedia would seem like the most logical thing to make using wiki, wouldn’t it? And that’s what we have…

An “open-content encyclopedia in many languages”. Started in 2001, Wikipedia now has over 300.000 articles, and that’s for the English version only. Like I explained, the cool thing about this encyclopedia is the fact that ANYONE can contribute and edit it. There is no part who makes an income from Wikipedia – it’s all based on volunteer work.

Why you should contribute:
It’s fun. It’s cool. It’s the right thing to do.
Wikipedia is one great site, with tons of information available – all for free. It costs a lot to keep it alive, yet there is no need to pay to use it, and no advertisement – the creators would like to keep it that way. Wikipedia lives off donations. But it also needs to constantly grow, and be held up-to-date. Wikipedia is soon the biggest encyclopedia online, and with your help we can get there even sooner. It’s the same idea as file sharing – you give some, you get some. Person X might know a lot about WW2, and writes up a lengthy article on it. Person Y might not know a lot about WW2 and thus reads and learns – however, person Y knows a lot about vikings, and posts an article about them. Person X in turn reads this, and learns. See?

Did I make any sense in this post? I don’t know, but wiki is good, and Wikipedia is good. Go read, go write, go figure.

Oh, and I love how there is now even a Norwegian part of Wikipedia – there might even be a site for your native language (currently 186 languages, including Esperanto(!)). Personally I contributed quite a lot to the article about my city (not a lot yet) and the list of phones from Sony Ericsson. Enjoy it, and let me know if you make any contributions – I know *I* will 🙂


All my major sites are now 100% valid html/css!!

I did some update on the About-page at for the occasion.

But the biggest news of course is that is now valid. MT has tons of invalid code in it, and it’s a mess to work with – but now it’s complete. Phew. I updated the design of the Webcam too, so check it out 😉 And I challenge you to find invalid code: comment preview, comment error, webcam, search results – I think I have it all covered 🙂

It will be a quiet week. Little work. And I’m visiting some friends in Sandnes and Stavanger this weekend – it’ll be awesome, and I will bring pictures. Also: very vague hints in this post as to another cool thing I’ll be blogging about in the near future *teasing* hehe


pb-iskin Or rather, let the skin protect your valuable toys. Got an iSkin for my PowerBook today. Looks nice eh? Well it is. Barely feels different to type, and in fact it lessens the sound when typing. Why an iSkin? Recently I’ve started living by the saying “better safe than sorry” – and so I want my PowerBook to survive an eventual coke-drop or the like 🙂 And yes, this means, when I get the time to set it all up, that I will start doing backups too 🙂

Also got an iSkin for my iPod mini (which is set to ship on or before 5. August) – more about that the iPod arrives.



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