k700vst68i First off: this is a GREAT phone. It works beautifully with my Mac, and also on its own. It can take pictures, it can record 3gp movies, it can play java games, it can play mp3 and aac audio (and use them as ringtones), has a built-in FM radio, 40 MB of internal memory, and it’s noticeably faster than the T68i (not hard to imagine eh?).

On the downside, there is no expansion slot for memory cards, battery life is so-so (24-48 hours depending on usage), and there are some bugs that need to be ironed out in a upcoming firmware update. For me, the 40 MB internal memory is sufficient. I don’t use it to play movies – for that I have my Mac. I won’t be using it for playing music, since I just ordered a iPod mini. And it can store more pictures than I ever need in that quality. Pity the memory isn’t shared though – so even if I have plenty of free space, there is a pre-defined amount reserved for for instance messages. I’ve heard around 70-80 SMSes. Not a problem, but quite silly… And the bugs, well, for instance I’ve heard about crashes when using image frames – who use them anyway? A more serious crash though, occurs whenever I use the “My Friends” feature, based on the Wireless Village standard. No Norwegian operators support this yet, so I have to resort to 3rd-party services like Yamigo. Which crashes the phone. Will try other alternatives soon and update this entry 🙂

So that’s about it. Great phone. Stunning screen. Handsfree included. Love it.



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