What a fine thing, this AppleCare, right?

AppleCare is, perhaps not surprisingly, most expensive for the PowerBook line of computers. So I ditched it. After experiencing the service from Apple while still under warranty though, it’s almost tempting to get AppleCare.

AppleCare for the iPod would be a good thing I though, since the iPod would be brought around all the time, and the chances of something happening to it is quite big. And even though it’s the cheapest AppleCare, it still costs one third the price of the iPod mini over here. And about twice the amount it costs in the U.S. Suppose it might be because the repair center is located farther away and shipping costs might be higher as a result, just guessing though. Anyway, might still be worth it I though – but then I realized the iPod AppleCare, unlike the AppleCare for Macs, only extends warranty to 2 years – not 3. Shoot. Not worth it then, probably.



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