As some of you might know, I took a “vacation” this weekend. I visited a couple girls from my school, along with a third one. It was an awesome weekend. Great people, great place, great fun. I really just had a great time. Oh, and I also got to meet up with Tore, a guy whom I met over the internet a few years back, and now for the first time irl. Below are a few noteworthy pictures from the trip. Enjoy 🙂

This is Tore showing off at the bowling. We had a great time really 🙂 Also got to visit MacButikken, although no pictures from that. Too bad, they had a G5, some PowerBooks and quite a few iPod accessories on display.

Ah don’t mention it 😉

Here we’re eating at a Chinese restaurant. Or just about to leave. We ate first though, although we left quite quick too 😉

And after that, we hung out at the theater just waiting for the movie to start. What movie you say? “Super Size Me“. Recommended. For all of you. Go see it. Now.

And of course, if there is an IKEA nearby, you know I would be there. If you knew me anyway. I love IKEA 🙂 Even got myself this really nice, although shabby, milk frother. Only cost me about a buck. Now THAT’S what I call a bargain. Oh, and they even had an old Bondi iMac on display, borrowed from MacButikken 😀 Oh, yeah, the picture. This is the restaurant they have, two bucks will get you a children’s menu with hot dog and fries. Yep 🙂

In the evenings, we usually played games. Monopoly (and variations thereof), Rummikub, to mention a few. On second thought, I think those were what we played. And I couldn’t help but think: both of these would make great Mac games online. *cough*Freeverse*cough*

So this is some kinda statue in the city of Stavanger. They all used to be lined up at a beach in the area, or so I was told. Now however, they are scattered around the city. This one, just outside McDonalds, just begged me to hold around him. For some reason, people gave me a funny look when I stood there. I think they believed I was a Japanese tourist or something…

Last stop. Well, the beginning of the end. Here I stood, for a few minutes, waiting for my train to arrive, and bring me back home to safety. It did. It’s good to be home, sorta, although it’s one weekend I won’t forget for a looong, long time. That’s for sure.


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  1. 1 Eivind Lie Nitter

    Sounds like a great trip, and pictures are always fun! 🙂

    Cool that you got to meet Tore too (hello!) 🙂


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