“Spin Film”

My latest movie is ready for download 🙂 This is what I and a friend made this summer. Movie is in Norwegian, so don’t bother consuming my bandwidth unless you understand this language. You might like it, you might hate it. Either way I’d like your feedback. Head to the Video page to grab it. … Read more“Spin Film”

Hot BBQ!

Yesterday was a fine day, well, a fine evening anyway. Apart from it being my last day at work this summer, it ended with a all-so-tiny reunion with a few people from my school. I had a great time. Basically just a lot of talking, a tiny concert, watching part of a beach volley game, … Read moreHot BBQ!

It’s Awake!

It’s incredible what smiles old memories can bring. Correct me if I’m wrong. While digging around today, I came across an old classic. Correct me if I’m wrong. Comments appreciated. Correct me if I’m wrong. (note: this is one of the posts I’m “exchanging” with Eivind)