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About high time I put out another Mac Geniuses comic, and here it is, in celebration of the upcoming OSX Tiger.


Hot on the heels of yesterdays iPod Mini Paper Sleeves, I decided to do something about my lack of a portable iPod stereo. And what better build material than paper? Its cheap and it’s easy to work with. Also it’s light.

Start out by finding someone to rip off. Why invent the wheel all over? Just look around you, the most used OS, the coolest cars, the nicest house, the best-looking model – nobody is doing anything original these days, so why should you? Besides, it saves you some creative work.

The secret behind any successful project is to make a drawing first. Try to make it as close to what you expect the final result to be. It can also be smart to leave out smaller details and focus on the whole.

This is my speaker-set almost fully assembled. Looks like a bit of a mess, but its only on the inside, no need to make it pretty where nobody will look anyway. Try finding two as similar as possible speaker elements. I just hooked them up in serial cos my amp was only mono anyway. It really doesn’t make that much a difference. You never heard anyone complaining about “no stereo” back in the days of the gramophone. Make sure you get enough power to boost the bass. I used 3 regular AA size batteries. And time to rip those old head phones apart for a 3.5mm plug.

I also added a switch for the power as to not consume valuable battery life when not in use. You know, the electricity is always lurking around in the cables, even when you think it’s dead. Electricians often refer to this phenomena as the “ghost in the wire”.

And finally, the setup is complete. More sound than your average uncle can handle. And it comes in a small, light box, which can be flipped to convince people it’s just a box of candy. Should keep them away. Wait…


In light of recent alternative iPod cases, for instance the thong case or the sock case, I decided to set a new standard. The iPod Mini Paper Sleeve. It’s cheap, it’s flexible, it’s everything you want it to be!

Here we see a simple design. Nice small details like antennas for the screen as well as a fuzzy glow around the scroll wheel.

Forget flip covers for ports. With the Paper Sleeve you have full access to all ports at all times.

Option for dock connector cover. Easy to open, easy to close.

Who needs expensive engravings? Now you can add as many lines as you like. Vast selection of fonts.

Removing the iPod from the case is as simple as sliding it out. Yet, the iPod is hold tightly in place when in the case.

Another, more colorful design. The scroll wheel art, inspired by ancient chinese roulettes, adds good feng shui.

The “roof” is a funny detail that only the Paper Sleeve can add. Also, this effectively blocks the Hold switch. No longer will you flip it off by accident.

Graffiti paintings like this one makes your ‘Pod special. It even acts as a warning. No one will dare touching your iPod with this sleeve!

Be careful not to touch your sleeve for a few minutes when decorating.


Eivind and I discussed (briefly) how almost every major newspaper now has a PDF version available for purchase online. It’s pretty cool, and you can also get older editions. Even my local paper now publish online as PDF files. Price is about the same as the paper version. I reckon that bandwidth costs a tiny bit less than printing, but perhaps not a significant difference.

So my idea: what if I was the first to offer my blog as downloadable dynamically generated PDF files?


“Spin Film”


My latest movie is ready for download 🙂

This is what I and a friend made this summer. Movie is in Norwegian, so don’t bother consuming my bandwidth unless you understand this language. You might like it, you might hate it. Either way I’d like your feedback. Head to the Video page to grab it. It’s roughly 15 minutes long and 50 MB in size. Encoded with DivX.


dollarbillsI am not gonna tell you how to make money easily. And I haven’t won the lottery. I just had a belief that a picture of some money would make you read this post. See, I learn from the spammers. What I have to scribble about today though, is still important, to me anyway. And it might be of interest to you too 🙂

New boy in town! head to!

Boring still? Yes. Well I want to change that. And I want you all to help me 🙂

I have no clue what might turn out to be over time, but for a start, I would like to make a smaller edition of my large plans to take over the world. The idea is simple: comics on all have one thing in common: they are more or less Mac-related. By that I mean, making fun of Windows or iPod imitation is considered “Mac-related”. Also: what really sets apart from the rest is this: multiple authors. Instead of one or two people making a comic, anyone can participate/contribute at It also doesn’t matter if you suck at drawing, as long as you can get an idea (that hopefully someone else but yourself will find funny) through.

Right now, I want feedback from other readers/interested people. The project will start out will a select few contributors. Have a blog? Send me an email to xgrape at the same dot net, and tell me what you think. I will need (with a little help) to setup a simple (but stylish) website where the comics can be posted. They will need to be uploadable via a simple web form, include some info about the author, and stored in a database. Website showing latest comic, and with an archive to go back to the beginning. RSS feed, and comics stored in a way that comic viewers can easily read. That’s about it. I hope to get some of you with me on this, include a tiny dynamic thumbnail on our blogs linking to the latest comic, and then we’re rolling.

Again, you don’t have to be any good at drawing. You don’t need a wacom board or Photoshop. Make something with AppleWorks or Graphic Converter for all I care. It just needs to be somewhat Mac-related and preferably funny. He he 😛 Thanks!


Hot BBQ!



Yesterday was a fine day, well, a fine evening anyway. Apart from it being my last day at work this summer, it ended with a all-so-tiny reunion with a few people from my school. I had a great time. Basically just a lot of talking, a tiny concert, watching part of a beach volley game, and cooking some hamburgers on a Primus. Now that was fun 🙂 Being social is probably the most valuable way to spend my time here on earth.


It’s Awake!


It’s incredible what smiles old memories can bring. Correct me if I’m wrong. While digging around today, I came across an old classic. Correct me if I’m wrong. Comments appreciated. Correct me if I’m wrong.

(note: this is one of the posts I’m “exchanging” with Eivind)



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