dollarbillsI am not gonna tell you how to make money easily. And I haven’t won the lottery. I just had a belief that a picture of some money would make you read this post. See, I learn from the spammers. What I have to scribble about today though, is still important, to me anyway. And it might be of interest to you too 🙂

New boy in town! head to!

Boring still? Yes. Well I want to change that. And I want you all to help me 🙂

I have no clue what might turn out to be over time, but for a start, I would like to make a smaller edition of my large plans to take over the world. The idea is simple: comics on all have one thing in common: they are more or less Mac-related. By that I mean, making fun of Windows or iPod imitation is considered “Mac-related”. Also: what really sets apart from the rest is this: multiple authors. Instead of one or two people making a comic, anyone can participate/contribute at It also doesn’t matter if you suck at drawing, as long as you can get an idea (that hopefully someone else but yourself will find funny) through.

Right now, I want feedback from other readers/interested people. The project will start out will a select few contributors. Have a blog? Send me an email to xgrape at the same dot net, and tell me what you think. I will need (with a little help) to setup a simple (but stylish) website where the comics can be posted. They will need to be uploadable via a simple web form, include some info about the author, and stored in a database. Website showing latest comic, and with an archive to go back to the beginning. RSS feed, and comics stored in a way that comic viewers can easily read. That’s about it. I hope to get some of you with me on this, include a tiny dynamic thumbnail on our blogs linking to the latest comic, and then we’re rolling.

Again, you don’t have to be any good at drawing. You don’t need a wacom board or Photoshop. Make something with AppleWorks or Graphic Converter for all I care. It just needs to be somewhat Mac-related and preferably funny. He he 😛 Thanks!



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