In light of recent alternative iPod cases, for instance the thong case or the sock case, I decided to set a new standard. The iPod Mini Paper Sleeve. It’s cheap, it’s flexible, it’s everything you want it to be!

Here we see a simple design. Nice small details like antennas for the screen as well as a fuzzy glow around the scroll wheel.

Forget flip covers for ports. With the Paper Sleeve you have full access to all ports at all times.

Option for dock connector cover. Easy to open, easy to close.

Who needs expensive engravings? Now you can add as many lines as you like. Vast selection of fonts.

Removing the iPod from the case is as simple as sliding it out. Yet, the iPod is hold tightly in place when in the case.

Another, more colorful design. The scroll wheel art, inspired by ancient chinese roulettes, adds good feng shui.

The “roof” is a funny detail that only the Paper Sleeve can add. Also, this effectively blocks the Hold switch. No longer will you flip it off by accident.

Graffiti paintings like this one makes your ‘Pod special. It even acts as a warning. No one will dare touching your iPod with this sleeve!

Be careful not to touch your sleeve for a few minutes when decorating.


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    det er tydelig at du trenger skolegang, dette er litt vel mye av det gode. hva med et pølseksin for din ipod?


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