Hot on the heels of yesterdays iPod Mini Paper Sleeves, I decided to do something about my lack of a portable iPod stereo. And what better build material than paper? Its cheap and it’s easy to work with. Also it’s light.

Start out by finding someone to rip off. Why invent the wheel all over? Just look around you, the most used OS, the coolest cars, the nicest house, the best-looking model – nobody is doing anything original these days, so why should you? Besides, it saves you some creative work.

The secret behind any successful project is to make a drawing first. Try to make it as close to what you expect the final result to be. It can also be smart to leave out smaller details and focus on the whole.

This is my speaker-set almost fully assembled. Looks like a bit of a mess, but its only on the inside, no need to make it pretty where nobody will look anyway. Try finding two as similar as possible speaker elements. I just hooked them up in serial cos my amp was only mono anyway. It really doesn’t make that much a difference. You never heard anyone complaining about “no stereo” back in the days of the gramophone. Make sure you get enough power to boost the bass. I used 3 regular AA size batteries. And time to rip those old head phones apart for a 3.5mm plug.

I also added a switch for the power as to not consume valuable battery life when not in use. You know, the electricity is always lurking around in the cables, even when you think it’s dead. Electricians often refer to this phenomena as the “ghost in the wire”.

And finally, the setup is complete. More sound than your average uncle can handle. And it comes in a small, light box, which can be flipped to convince people it’s just a box of candy. Should keep them away. Wait…


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  1. 1 Eivind Lie Nitter

    Haha, good stuff!

    Too bad I don’t have any leftover speakers though..


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