Give Me a Break


Boy have I been a lazy poster lately or what? Luckily I’m not alone, many of my fellow bloggers have acted the same way. I guess it’s the start of fall, with studies, engagements and whatnot that are the cause. I can’t promise it’ll get any better soon, but I’ll try.

First I’d just like to mention the blog has received an overhaul, now running MovableType 3.11. With it came some new bugs, and the discovery of old ones, that required me to work a bit on templates, hacking the source and pulling some switches here and there. All should be good now though. MT Blacklist hopefully takes care of most comment spam now, which is why I also chose to allow for anonymous commenting once again. That’s right, no need to use TypeKey anymore, unless you want to. Also all pages should be valid HTML once more 🙂 Oh and I added a “Skype me”-button to the sidebar. I’m picking up a USB headset next week hopefully. It’ll be great to start receiving smaller phone bills 🙂

I got some new gear over the past weeks, like an external FW harddrive, and a new SuperDrive for my iMac. I won’t bother posting pictures though, as I doubt it’s really that interesting. Although this blog has always focused on one of the things I enjoy the most, tech, it will never be a “tech blog”. It will always be a personal blog, only with a focus on tech 🙂

Things I’ve found out lately: MMS is cool, the new Prodigy album is cool, leeching from the wireless airport network at school is cool, and math still sucks.


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  1. 1 Eivind

    Yeah, you’ve been lazy!

    I’m sure there are lots of things going on at school that you can write about, eh? 🙂


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