Y’all just knew the gadget-fan had to get it one day: a headset. And when I buy a headset you know I’m not just getting ANY headset 🙂 So Logitech’s USB headset it is.

Now I can look just like in those stock photos that are used on every major tech support page! The headset is quite comfortable and all. The sound is crisp and clear, but the bass is just messed up. Not really a problem though as I will be using something else for listening to music in most cases anyway. This is for voice chatting in Skype 🙂

And for the occasion I had to resort to my duct tape. Even with Logitech’s tradition of fairly long cables, the USB HUB could no longer stay on the floor. So now it’s taped to the underside of my desk. Sleek? No, but it works. CYA… I mean, hear ya on Skype! 🙂



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