Volume Logic


Now this will change the way you listen to music!

I decided to give “Volume Logic” a spin today. What is Volume Logic you might be wondering… I’ll let the website speak: “Volume Logic – The first iTunes audio plug-in makes real-time digital remastering a reality for all iTunes audio. Any playlist sounds great with automatic adjustment of volume dynamics and spectral balancing.”

So basically it’s a plug-in for iTunes, that digitally re-masters your music in real time – like a real time, automated EQ – kinda. Anyway, exactly HOW it works is not the point, the point is that your music will sound better! And that’s a promise! This is clearly one of the coolest pieces of software I have tried in recent times.

So I install and fire it up, I turn it on, I play a couple of tracks – and then I pay the $20 registration fee. Says a lot doesn’t it? So I tell a friend on iChat about it, and ten minutes later, he too have paid the $20 fee. And I tell the amazing news to a third person, and, well, he was kinda low on cash, but promised to buy it once he got some money 🙂

My point is: if you thought that iTunes built-in EQ did wonders for your sound – you just HAVE to try Volume Logic. You will be amazed at what it will do to your sound. So go download! Hey, it’s a 14-day free trail – what do you have to lose?



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