So Scandinavian Mac retail chain Officeline is building Scandinavias largest Apple Center – in Oslo! That’s pretty cool, and it’ll open in November. Gives me a good reason to stop by and meet some friends.

I also have a good website recommendation for you: Although run by a Mac user, this website gives a good, and in my opinion non-biased comparison of OSX and Windows XP. It’s very in-depth and thorough. Well worth a visit.

Oh and Solarian II was released yesterday! Hey that was released in ’88 I hear you screaming, but now, 16 years later, it’s ported to OSX! Oh I remember those days when I played this game on the Mac II 🙂

As an afterthought, I’m heavily considering switching from Safari to Firefox full-time, and unless Apple gets a move-on, chances are I will in the near future…



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