PCs and video editing…

What is it with PCs and video editing? All video folks who use PCs treat it like its some kind of voodoo.

Like at school for instance the video comps (all running Avid Express) are set up with several disks and partitions, where one drive is used solely for Windows and Avid and the other disk is used for project files. And its an absolute no-no to install any other software. And my teacher had just installed Avid on his laptop to give us a demo last week, and when he got an error it was like “well I installed this yesterday and tried it afterwards, I probably should re-install it first” and today he had supposedly re-installed it, and when he still got error messages and in the end the entire system locked up is was like “OMG NO I KNOW I SHOULD NOT KEEP MS OFFICE ON THE SAME COMP AS AVID!”. I mean, what on earth is it with these guys? They act as if video is something supernatural, and you need to worship the mighty Avid unless you want major problems. Over the courses I’ve had so far I estimate I’ve learnt about 3 times as many things NOT TO DO then what to actually do. I have no clue how to use the silly, 80s-record-deck-interface of Avid, but at least I know enough things not to do to write a book about it!

And I just thought I was starting to get over this “PCs suck”-attitude… but I guess not…

Why can’t we use Final Cut instead? Or even Avid on a Mac… I have never had problems with the Mac freezing when editing video, and I keep it all on the same drive as all my other apps and music, and I can even run tens of other apps in the background, check my email, chat, listen to music and browse the web just fine, while whatever editing app I might be using is importing or exporting video… shees…

Well, video editing lab sessions have been postponed for a few weeks while the teachers set up the computers again (which means formatting and re-installing everything a dozen times – and they claimed they needed Norton Ghost software)

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  1. Haha, and the funny thing is: I have similar (though not quite as bad as these) experiences.

    While it’s obviously healthy to keep production video pc’s as clean as possible (as little installed software as possible), installing a few apps shouldn’t really make a difference. Too bad like it seems like it does. Stupid pc’s.

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