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Fixing Teeth

So I was trying to turn some yellowish teeth a bit whiter in Photoshop tonight, and I must say I am pretty satisfied with the results. I know, I know, yellow teeth is all natural, and in fact signal that the enamel is in good shape. The yellower your teeth, the better shape they’re in. Nevertheless, trying to turn them a tad bit whiter was something I wanted to do. Not white as Britney’s teeth, I don’t want mine to look fake! Just not… yellow…

How to:
– roughly select the area around your teeth with for instance the Polygonal Lasso Tool.
– Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation. Here select to Edit: Yellows. Then turn the Saturation all the way down, and the Lightness all the way up.
– Now go to Image -> Adjustments -> Replace Color. Select the teeth in your picture with your mouse, move it around till most of the teeth area is covered, and not so much else. You can play around with the Fuzziness controller to extend the range. When the teeth, and nothing else is highlighted, adjust Saturation and Lightness again. I set mine to 20 and 30 respectively, but play around to find what fits your image best.

Hope this can be of help to some 🙂 If you have other suggestions, or alternatives, please let me know by commenting below. Also, if you have a good way (or plug-in) for getting rid of Red Eyes in Photoshop – let me know! Wrote an article about it yourself? Let me know 🙂




I decided to put up Google’s AdSense here. Doesn’t really bother you too much, does it? Also, they only appear on blog entry pages.

I also removed a few buttons from the sidebar. Oh, and avoid using spam-like words when commenting, even if you are logged in with Typekey. Spammers are starting to use Typekey accounts, so even if you use Typekey, you will still be treated by MT-Blacklist from now on…


The biggest event this year is about to get even bigger! Not only is Firefox 1.0 scheduled for release in… november? (with a Mac release to follow later, for the first time – Why? Cos’ we’re finally getting a full GUI overhaul)

But even cooler, Firefox 1.0 will get a full-page ad in The New York Times. That is AWESOME – to say the least. It’s sure to burn on Microsoft’s part. Now Firefox is a non-profit project, so we, the users, will have to pay for the advertising. But for $30 ($10 for students), you will get your name listed in the ad. Now THAT is awesome. So if you haven’t made a donation or two yet, you know what to do!

Just when I thought the times were changing, my teacher comes up today explaining that Internet Explorer is the best browser, and how alternatives like Opera and Mozilla never really catched on, and are now about to face death. Idiot. Another “bright” guy popped up and told him that Firefox just passed 5 million downloads though. Thank God for educated students.

In related browser news, I was ordering some train tickets today (leaving for Bergen this weekend), and low and behold, my keychain not only remembered my name and address, but even the VISA# and expiry date… scary that such bad web coders work for a state owned “institution”…


Muff muff


K700Wrist Nothing like a new genius invention. Who use wristbands anyway I thought. Well let me tell you they make great cellphone holders. Not only is the screen now at a perfect angle, it also deadens the vibration when an SMS ticks in. Great! And they give away these for free did you know?





No, its not a dream. The webcam is gone, and in its place is my brand new moblog, powered by textamerica. Let’s hope it gets a bit more interesting and updated than the webcam. Tips and praise and whatnot can be left in the comments 🙂


Collateral Damage Cop Today was scary. So I was on the bus, on my way home from school. And when I get off the bus, I see a police man pulling in on a bike, where the bus stopped. The bus driver got out, and talked for like a few secs, then drove away. Nothing much I cared about. Then I see the police man coming through my neighborhood, and then he stopped like right by my house. I was on my way to the door, but when I turned, he kinda sat there waiting for me. He waved at me like he wanted me to come, and I started thinking “now what did I do” – and then realizing he probably just wondered where someone lived around here. But when I approach him, he’s like “were you the guy on the bus making faces at me?”, and I’m like… “No, I don’t think so…” And he keeps going on like “were you wearing a cap?”. And I didn’t wear a cap. And then he asks if I live here perhaps, and I just tell him there was a guy on the seat in front of me, wearing a cap… and luckily, that was the guy he wanted to have a word with. Scary though, being accused for no reason. So why the picture? Cos when I saw the brute guy pulling up on his bike in front of my house, I got scared and had these awful flashbacks to Arnold’sCollateral Damage” 🙂 Have a nice day!



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