Collateral Damage Cop Today was scary. So I was on the bus, on my way home from school. And when I get off the bus, I see a police man pulling in on a bike, where the bus stopped. The bus driver got out, and talked for like a few secs, then drove away. Nothing much I cared about. Then I see the police man coming through my neighborhood, and then he stopped like right by my house. I was on my way to the door, but when I turned, he kinda sat there waiting for me. He waved at me like he wanted me to come, and I started thinking “now what did I do” – and then realizing he probably just wondered where someone lived around here. But when I approach him, he’s like “were you the guy on the bus making faces at me?”, and I’m like… “No, I don’t think so…” And he keeps going on like “were you wearing a cap?”. And I didn’t wear a cap. And then he asks if I live here perhaps, and I just tell him there was a guy on the seat in front of me, wearing a cap… and luckily, that was the guy he wanted to have a word with. Scary though, being accused for no reason. So why the picture? Cos when I saw the brute guy pulling up on his bike in front of my house, I got scared and had these awful flashbacks to Arnold’sCollateral Damage” 🙂 Have a nice day!


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    Why, Mr. Texas Holdem, that was truly an interesting and provocative comment. You certainly raised many valid points about the modern society and it’s lamentations. No doubt you must be a highly knowing and perspicacious character. I admire the boldness and quick wit you so eloquently display in your post, and I am confident you will provide us with many more of your “interesdting” insights in the future.


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