The biggest event this year is about to get even bigger! Not only is Firefox 1.0 scheduled for release in… november? (with a Mac release to follow later, for the first time – Why? Cos’ we’re finally getting a full GUI overhaul)

But even cooler, Firefox 1.0 will get a full-page ad in The New York Times. That is AWESOME – to say the least. It’s sure to burn on Microsoft’s part. Now Firefox is a non-profit project, so we, the users, will have to pay for the advertising. But for $30 ($10 for students), you will get your name listed in the ad. Now THAT is awesome. So if you haven’t made a donation or two yet, you know what to do!

Just when I thought the times were changing, my teacher comes up today explaining that Internet Explorer is the best browser, and how alternatives like Opera and Mozilla never really catched on, and are now about to face death. Idiot. Another “bright” guy popped up and told him that Firefox just passed 5 million downloads though. Thank God for educated students.

In related browser news, I was ordering some train tickets today (leaving for Bergen this weekend), and low and behold, my keychain not only remembered my name and address, but even the VISA# and expiry date… scary that such bad web coders work for a state owned “institution”…



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