Fixing Teeth

So I was trying to turn some yellowish teeth a bit whiter in Photoshop tonight, and I must say I am pretty satisfied with the results. I know, I know, yellow teeth is all natural, and in fact signal that the enamel is in good shape. The yellower your teeth, the better shape they’re in. Nevertheless, trying to turn them a tad bit whiter was something I wanted to do. Not white as Britney’s teeth, I don’t want mine to look fake! Just not… yellow…

How to:
– roughly select the area around your teeth with for instance the Polygonal Lasso Tool.
– Image -> Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation. Here select to Edit: Yellows. Then turn the Saturation all the way down, and the Lightness all the way up.
– Now go to Image -> Adjustments -> Replace Color. Select the teeth in your picture with your mouse, move it around till most of the teeth area is covered, and not so much else. You can play around with the Fuzziness controller to extend the range. When the teeth, and nothing else is highlighted, adjust Saturation and Lightness again. I set mine to 20 and 30 respectively, but play around to find what fits your image best.

Hope this can be of help to some 🙂 If you have other suggestions, or alternatives, please let me know by commenting below. Also, if you have a good way (or plug-in) for getting rid of Red Eyes in Photoshop – let me know! Wrote an article about it yourself? Let me know 🙂



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