We all know Japan is a crazy country. And it’s a good thing. But they are crazy. Todays crazy-link: Mac wallpapers the Japan way And for old times sake, the amazing Princess Azumanga

The Incredible

So, yesterday I watched The Incredibles. It was dubbed in norwegian, but that wasn’t a major problem. I was actually quite surprised to see they not only dubbed the movie, but also the trailer for Cars, which was shown in advance, and the Pixar short “Boundin’“. That was actually pretty awesome. The Incredibles movie though… … Read moreThe Incredible


I was going to print out some Photoshop work, when I get the error “A printing error has occurred” – or something along those lines. Crap. So I decided to stop using USB Printer sharing, since I really only used the printer on my other Mac anyway. So I hooked it up, and were just … Read moreGimp-Pimp