Gimp-Print-ComparisonI was going to print out some Photoshop work, when I get the error “A printing error has occurred” – or something along those lines. Crap. So I decided to stop using USB Printer sharing, since I really only used the printer on my other Mac anyway. So I hooked it up, and were just about to install the drivers. Having heard so much nice about Gimp-Print, I decided to give it a spin. And sure I had more options than with the official Epson drivers, stuff like changing the amount of reds and blues – stuff I could do within Photoshop anyway. The real test came when actually trying to print out something. As you can clearly see, Gimp-Crap didn’t succeed very well. So I installed the official drivers. And no cleaning of printing heads were done between the two tests. Both printouts were scanned with same settings, and are unaltered. Epson might not make good printers, but open source drivers are no better…



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