Gotta love having a bunch of friends on MSN.

As of version 6 of MSN for the PC, file transfers are now being done P2P – welcome aboard Microsoft. On the Mac however… not so much. We still have to go through the MSN server. Same applies for GAIM-based clients like Adium and Proteus, until the GAIM peeps can find a way to use MSN6’s method. So for now that means: slow as h—.

What’s even more fun though is that Adium, my IM client of choice, has no GUI for file transfers yet, so in a desperate try to make it possible to check status of file transfers, the guys made Adium print the progress to the console log. And I don’t mean like once every minute, no no no…

File transferred: a 5.4 MB JPEG image
Time taken: 37 minutes (and we are both on DSL mind you)
# of lines in console log related to the file transfer: 4729 (yes you read that right)

Like I said, gotta love having a bunch of friends on MSN.



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