With Firefox 1.0 out the door, I thought about switching from Safari full-time. However, I realize it’ll still take quite some time before I’ll be able to take that move…

The probably biggest miss in Firefox is the keychain integration. Firstly it means I need to enter a master password each time I want Firefox to fill out my login details. Which really ruins the point – I have no trouble remembering my logins, I’m just too lazy to enter them, that’s all. And also I miss out on all the great auto-fill features, like filling out your details on a order form.

Also, no favicons in the Bookmarks menu. I really didn’t realize how important this was until I imported all my Safari bookmarks.

I found no way in the final release to turn off warnings like “You are about to leave a secure site” – except for checking a checkbox in the warning dialog. There was no way to turn it off in the preferences. I guess this is actually an attempt at cleaning things up though, which is a good thing.

Basically, the whole Mac integration we find in Apples products – are amiss from Firefox. Perhaps not unexpected, it being a multi-platform browser and all, and for being just that, I think the Mozilla-team has done a very good job already. And we keep hearing promise that it will get better. Plus, it totally kicks Safaris butt when it comes to speed. Whoa! But for now, it looks like I’ll stick to Safari for everyday use, and Firefox for online banking (Safari doesn’t work very good with certificates).



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