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Dear Stan, I meant to write this sooner but I just been busy.

Christmas is the time for one thing: presents presents presents – and gifts. Ok, that was four things, but they all make up Christmas, right? Well, my view on presents have changed quite radically in later years.

The first years of my life, the bigger and more expensive the presents were, the better. If I could just have that fancy RC car, or that huge Lego Technic set…

Now however, I find myself thrilled about all presents. The most expensive might not at all be the ones I enjoy the most. What I realize, I guess, is that while we all have plenty of money, time is a whole other matter… when someone takes their time to send me something, even if it’s just a post card or a tiny chocolate, it clearly shows they care for me. Much more than an SMS, or an email – or a thousand emails for that matter. Ok, a thousand emails WOULD take some time I guess…

Bottom line though: presents are fun. They really are. But it doesn’t matter if they cost a lot or not, as long as they bear a message 🙂 (as in as long as they know me enough to not get me things they ought to know I would hate)


The Red Cross


Fellow blogger Eivind urges people around the world to spend this years fireworks-money on the Red Cross instead. I say f— that, I enjoy rockets. However, my point is not that charity is stupid – rather that we have plenty of money. We don’t need to prioritize. We can keep living our (somewhat) normal lives, and still give money to the tsunami victims.

I can’t help but pulling Apple into this. Kudos to them for dedicating their entire first page to charity. Which is more than I can say about Microsoft, who seem to think that spam is still the major problem…

Americans can donate through the Red Cross website, or through Amazon (using Apple’s 1-click ordering – it’s as simple as licking a stab! …err, stamp!). Anyone else: check out your local Red Cross website 🙂


As echoed earlier by Steven Frank, Disney closed their 2D animation studio like a year ago. Bad move Disney…

Now, I am a (fairly) big fan of animated series/movies. Favorites would include series like Futurama and Father of The Pride. And earlier perhaps Jonny Quest, and probably quite a few others that I can’t remember now. Let me know which you enjoy (or enjoyed) in the comments below 🙂 As for movies, I’ve always had a thing for Pixar productions, most notably Monsters Inc., and The Incredibles I believe. I also enjoyed Shrek 2. And now someone is telling me Shark Tale is cool, even if I still have my doubts…

Disney, that was my point. For Christmas, I got the new DVD “Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas“. Oh, a classic, sweet, I thought. But no. This is a new release. All 3D. The 3D is nice enough and all. Like, not Pixar-nice, but decent. But c’mon: new technology doesn’t make good movies – story does. And the stories were rather… horrible. I enjoyed the movie, yes, but just not like the old Disney Christmas adventures… why didn’t you concentrate on what you did best, Disney? 2D animation… and don’t even get me started on the whole “Brother Bear“-thing…


No the earthquake/flood is not awesome, it’s terrible, but since it’s being talked about 24/7 everywhere else – I’m avoiding it…

What IS amazing though, are the first screenshots from the upcoming Quake 4. Have a look at the first and the second!


After spending my last year at a folk high school, I made quite a few new friends. Something that I’m very happy about of course. The thing is though, I never really thought about how well I knew them all. Always thinking there is one group I know “pretty well”, another I know “a little” and then a last group that I barely know at all!

I finally discovered how well I know each and every one of them though – and I think this “method” will work for most of you. Christmas is drawing close, and I had to get the closest of my new friends presents. Easy? No. At least I quickly discovered that some of them were a lot harder to find something cool for than others. This is not to say they mean less to me, or anything, merely that I suppose I don’t know them as good. Of course, everything is relative. If one person had told me EVERYTHING about his/her girl/boyfriend, that would not have made it any easier for me to buy something for that person. But this was nevertheless and interesting experience for me, simply because I discovered things I didn’t know, or had never given a thought. End of rant 🙂


We all know that keeping the cellphone in your pocket can boil your sperm by now, but today I discovered it can also make for some interesting iPod (mis)behavior.

My cellphone and the iPod mini was in the same pocket, and all of a sudden, while listening to a song, the iPod stopped for a second, made some static noise, and then skipping to the next song. My first thought was that the song I had been listening to was corrupted, but then I felt the vibration of my phone a second later – an incoming message. Knowing already that it’s easy to tell that people get sms’s when you hear static noise in any set of nearby speakers, this was just too easy.

When the cellphone receives a signal, we all know (or should know) that a signal is, in fact, electricity. Enough to power (or add some power) to a set of speakers, or to make a “flash sticker” (very popular in Europe) flash a little LED when the phone rings. I guess you could try recreating this by putting a battery on your iPod casing (might have something to do with the mini being made out of aluminum or something? Or is aluminum actually not a good lead for electricity? Didn’t think so, but then I’m no pro electrician 🙂 Anyways, interesting experience nonetheless. Let me know if you have experienced anything similar.


Guten Tag


Perhaps the country that amuse me the most next to Japan, is Germany. Maybe it’s just the language, or perhaps it’s the history… Nevertheless, Christmas traditions are strong even in the birth country of the Love Parade. Chocolate cake and ginger bread house are among the favorites.


Not only is it amazing what names people give their software these days, but some can’t even seem to get the “one line description” showing up at MacUpdate and VersionTracker right…

What kind of software would you for instance think “MediaBridge” is, with the description “Turn web cam or scanner into net portal”? – Would you guess it’s a digital image watermarking software? Well, it is…

The script “MisMatch” might just as well be given the name “MisLeading”, as it claims to “Scans for MP3 and other viruses first reported by Symantec”. MP3s are viruses now? Symantec report on MP3s?



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