The Red Cross

Fellow blogger Eivind urges people around the world to spend this years fireworks-money on the Red Cross instead. I say f— that, I enjoy rockets. However, my point is not that charity is stupid – rather that we have plenty of money. We don’t need to prioritize. We can keep living our (somewhat) normal lives, … Read moreThe Red Cross

What an awesome (earth)quake!

No the earthquake/flood is not awesome, it’s terrible, but since it’s being talked about 24/7 everywhere else – I’m avoiding it… What IS amazing though, are the first screenshots from the upcoming Quake 4. Have a look at the first and the second!

Guten Tag

Perhaps the country that amuse me the most next to Japan, is Germany. Maybe it’s just the language, or perhaps it’s the history… Nevertheless, Christmas traditions are strong even in the birth country of the Love Parade. Chocolate cake and ginger bread house are among the favorites.