Not only is it amazing what names people give their software these days, but some can’t even seem to get the “one line description” showing up at MacUpdate and VersionTracker right…

What kind of software would you for instance think “MediaBridge” is, with the description “Turn web cam or scanner into net portal”? – Would you guess it’s a digital image watermarking software? Well, it is…

The script “MisMatch” might just as well be given the name “MisLeading”, as it claims to “Scans for MP3 and other viruses first reported by Symantec”. MP3s are viruses now? Symantec report on MP3s?


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  1. 1 Eivind

    Impressive, indeed. If people have spent days making this kind of software, why can’t they use 10 minutes to come up with at least a decent description?


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