After spending my last year at a folk high school, I made quite a few new friends. Something that I’m very happy about of course. The thing is though, I never really thought about how well I knew them all. Always thinking there is one group I know “pretty well”, another I know “a little” and then a last group that I barely know at all!

I finally discovered how well I know each and every one of them though – and I think this “method” will work for most of you. Christmas is drawing close, and I had to get the closest of my new friends presents. Easy? No. At least I quickly discovered that some of them were a lot harder to find something cool for than others. This is not to say they mean less to me, or anything, merely that I suppose I don’t know them as good. Of course, everything is relative. If one person had told me EVERYTHING about his/her girl/boyfriend, that would not have made it any easier for me to buy something for that person. But this was nevertheless and interesting experience for me, simply because I discovered things I didn’t know, or had never given a thought. End of rant 🙂



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