The Red Cross


Fellow blogger Eivind urges people around the world to spend this years fireworks-money on the Red Cross instead. I say f— that, I enjoy rockets. However, my point is not that charity is stupid – rather that we have plenty of money. We don’t need to prioritize. We can keep living our (somewhat) normal lives, and still give money to the tsunami victims.

I can’t help but pulling Apple into this. Kudos to them for dedicating their entire first page to charity. Which is more than I can say about Microsoft, who seem to think that spam is still the major problem…

Americans can donate through the Red Cross website, or through Amazon (using Apple’s 1-click ordering – it’s as simple as licking a stab! …err, stamp!). Anyone else: check out your local Red Cross website 🙂


2 Responses to “The Red Cross”  

  1. 1 Eivind

    I suppose I agree in a sense, but I’m not so eager to fire up tooo much fireworks this year. A little will do – saving the rest of the money for those who need it.

    But I suppose you’re right about it being better to do both than just give money (for most people), as the latter probably wouldn’t happen..

  2. 2 xGrape

    Good point 🙂

    This is likely the one charity I have seen most people willing to support lately though… terrible things happen around us everyday folks! That is not to say I’m not proud of you all donating this time though 🙂


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