Dear Stan, I meant to write this sooner but I just been busy.

Christmas is the time for one thing: presents presents presents – and gifts. Ok, that was four things, but they all make up Christmas, right? Well, my view on presents have changed quite radically in later years.

The first years of my life, the bigger and more expensive the presents were, the better. If I could just have that fancy RC car, or that huge Lego Technic set…

Now however, I find myself thrilled about all presents. The most expensive might not at all be the ones I enjoy the most. What I realize, I guess, is that while we all have plenty of money, time is a whole other matter… when someone takes their time to send me something, even if it’s just a post card or a tiny chocolate, it clearly shows they care for me. Much more than an SMS, or an email – or a thousand emails for that matter. Ok, a thousand emails WOULD take some time I guess…

Bottom line though: presents are fun. They really are. But it doesn’t matter if they cost a lot or not, as long as they bear a message 🙂 (as in as long as they know me enough to not get me things they ought to know I would hate)


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  1. 1 Eivind

    Good post! – and I think what you say is right for me too. I’ve also found that Christmas is more about having a relaxing, good time with the family than getting presents, presents, presents more and more the last years.. but that may just be me 🙂


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