Coconut Milk

Who would have thought? I guess no one did, and that’s the point. Where would the fun be with another unexpected review, if it wasn’t unexpected? This time, I took a deep dive and tried out some canned coconut milk. Being a big fan of milk, I thought it wise to try out how I … Read moreCoconut Milk

no www?

Nope. No www. As you might have noticed, if you tapped www in front of my URL to get here, the www is now gone. This to follow a certain “standard“… Update: The www is now back. Comments stopped working, and I don’t want to spend time tweaking the code to make it work.


This wonderful piece of exclusive artwork was donated to the infamous xgrape by a mysterious traveler, the holyman bendrerik.. It depicts 3 gents coming for a visit, a pleasurable visit. Made with extreme pleasure and craftsmanship, xgrape marveled at the sight of the 3 gents.

i love you

So I got bored, and for whatever reason, I decided to search for “i love you” on Google. The first thing that pops up? The “Which File Extension are You?”-quiz. This is me, but what about you? Which File Extension are You?