I enjoy the MT-Blacklist tool I run on this blog, because it stops comment spam by content. Blacklisting people by IP though… I mean c’mon, many of us have dynamic IPs, including the spammers. These blacklists do more harm than good. Like today for instance, when I could not reply to a tech support email. My IP was listed here: http://cbl.abuseat.org/lookup.cgi

I could request it’s removal, which I did, but seeing as how it would likely be added again later, I decided to do the one thing that would let me send the mail – forever. Change my outgoing mail server to the one handled by my ISP. Sucky solution, maybe, but realizing this was tons faster than my “own” server, and “always” online, it hit me how stupid I had been for not using it over the last few months, or perhaps the last year. Time for a change folks 🙂



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